Revolutionize Your Employee Experience with the HRSD Federal Center of Excellence

Unlock a new era of HR modernization with Intact + The Anti's solution for U.S. Federal agencies.
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Transform Your Human Capital Operations

Embrace a future-ready HR experience at your agency with our comprehensive, firm, fixed-price solution, built within ServiceNow by two ServiceNow Elite Partners. The HRSD Federal Center of Excellence empowers you to:

  • Eliminate Siloed HR Processes: Say goodbye to fragmented, costly, and redundant legacy processes and systems and welcome a seamless, integrated HR workflow.

  • Create Visibility to Data: Gain a holistic view of your data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Support Employee Engagement and Retention: Foster a positive work environment that enhances engagement and retains top talent.

  • Ensure Compliance with Government Regulations: Stay ahead of compliance requirements with a solution tailored for the unique needs of federal agencies.

  • Work More Efficiently: Eliminate duplication of effort and manual work and focus on high-value activities as our solution streamlines your HR processes, making them more efficient than ever.

Why Intact + The Anti

1. HR-Centric Expertise
The Anti brings a unique blend of HR consulting experience, HR technology backgrounds, and HR practitioner expertise. Designing employee experiences using ServiceNow, The Anti helps you mitigate risk, save valuable resources, and anticipate what your employees want next.

2. Long-Term Sustainability and Governance
Intact’s Adaptable Governance Framework and best-in-class Managed Services approach assumes complete management of the HRSD platform for you, supporting continuous software optimization and enhancements and keeping your users empowered and engaged throughout their IT and HR journeys.

3. Unified Employee Experience
ServiceNow’s HRSD empowers users via self-service through digital channels, providing seamless connections to get answers, make requests, and resolve issues from anywhere. The connected workflows and intra-agency collaboration increase productivity, promote data-driven decision making, reduce HR tech spend, and support outcomes around hiring, retention, and employee experience.

Join the HR revolution today! Our solution is currently available to users of ServiceNow's Employee Workflow Solutions module. Share your contact information to learn more. 

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